My name is Klea Alexandra and have been graduated in Chemical Engineering. I am a mother of two little boys, three years and seven months old each. Everything started five years ago when I bleached my hair until they were significantly damaged.

I was looking for anything that would help my hair. I managed to develop a shampoo and a hair mask that fit my need. Afterward, I started selling my products through Instagram until I gathered enough money to open my first store My goal has always been for Alexandra Organic to be a worldwide brand. I have been working hard and saving up these five years to reach what I have been dreaming for a long time now.

I am glad to say that after five years. Alexandra Organic is an American business. The quality of the products is something I am pretty sure will be received very well from the costumers, based on how our costumers here have been reacting to them. I love what I am doing and this is only the start of what I am manifesting for.